Monday, September 26, 2011

Spring Lane Pink and Orange Girl's Room

I got lots of excitement when I posted the inspiration board for this room a few weeks back,

Our original inspiration for the space came from this room by Palmer Weiss that was featured in Lonny:

The girls loved the bold orange headboards and the head shots
pictured above the beds so we knew that aspect of the room had to stay.
I found that perfect orange fabric for the headboards
at a local fabric wholesaler and we were on our way.

We based the whole room scheme around this amazing Potalla pattern from
Quadrille and purchased pillows made out of it from Woody Liana on Etsy.

Paint Color: Love and Happiness, Benjamin Moore
Roman Shades: Custom, Fabric Trina Turk Trellis in Watermelon for Schumacher
Desk: PB Teen
Lucite Chair: Available through me
Rug: Wisteria
Floral Pillows: Etsy, Woody Liana

Photos by Meikel Reece, Home by Tiek Built Homes

You can view the other rooms in this home here
and get more details about the building and design at Tiek Built Homes


  1. hi - love the room design! could you tell me if the color is really peace and happiness? that is a purple color and the room color looks to be more pink... thanks- Anne Marie

  2. Am, just changed it. It's actually called love and happiness and I always get the 2 colors mixed up

  3. LOVING! I've admired that inspiration room as well and I love that you made tall headboards; fantastic!

  4. I love mostly light colour in the bedroom, I had also painted in my room, I really glad to seen your room, I like most that pillow.

  5. What a great room? Where are the orange throw blankets from?

  6. oh thank you so much! LOVE the color - LOVE the whole room!

  7. WOW! Its beautiful Caitlin! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Wowza!!! Those headboards completely make the room for me and it is a dead ringer for that Palmer Weiss room...with just enough new and different to make it their own! Fantastic!!!

  9. Love everything about this room! The orange is so fun and bright with all the pink. Could you tell me a little more about the headboards? Did Rocky Mountain Upholstery make the whole thing for you or just upholster it for you? Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  10. It's beautiful Caitlin! Love it! I hope it's okay if I include it in my Friday Love post! :)

  11. I absolutley adore the orange headboards! They are stunning.


  12. Love this colour combo. So pretty and feminine but punchy and fun as well. I think you did a better job them PW! Stunning result. Especially love your blind fabric and headboards, actually I love it all.

  13. I like light color and light color combination delights smile and happiness. You can choose a single color for your stripes or add a different effect using a few colors. Thnaks

  14. I am make small changes to the design and paint of your home to make it look attractive. Updating home decoration will not only create additional space in your home, Thanks...

  15. I love the feel good atmosphere that this set brings. There is enough color to make you feel wow but not much distraction. Makes you just want to stay in this spot and relax all day.

  16. Love this room! Where did you find those duvet covers?

  17. I never though orange could be so beautiful in girls room. Something different from the pink pattern that we see around.The blinds have added to the beauty of the room.

  18. I love the photos at the top of the bed. And the colors are refreshing. The room just spells happy and sunny.

  19. Great Photos and great colours. I love them

  20. What did the room look like at the foot of the beds? Was there a dresser in this bedroom? Thanks!

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