Tuesday, February 2, 2010

buttons and ribbons and trim, oh my!

Kathryn is one of my best friends in NY. Kathryn has a blog where she tells about all the wonderful things to do and see and eat in New York. Kathryn also happens to be an AMAZING photographer. She posted these beautiful pictures from one of my favorite New York spots, M&J trimming recently. 

Aren't they lovely? 


  1. We might be moving near NY soon so i'll have to check it out. Looks amazing!!!

  2. The pictures are lovely! I hope you're having a wonderful time in Vegas. You did a great job on your TV appearance! Congratulations!!

  3. I'm trying to check out Kathryn's blog but Blogger claims the address is wrong... any ideas?

  4. On second thought, nevermind - by the lovely powers of google, I found the address w/o their last name included: mikeandkathryn.blogspot.com

  5. love this! Love the colors/variety/organization! :)

  6. wow, this is so beautiful! i'm mad i didn't go there when i lived in nyc

  7. You're nice, C. That store was so amazing - but so overwhelming! The possibilities!! I'm fairly certain that I'll never buy an etsy headband again.

    See you next week! xo

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