Monday, October 10, 2011

Spring Lane Nursery

This room is so sweet to me because my client made two of my favorite things on the room for her sweet little babe. We had seen the mobile and the A print made of buttons on pinterest and we knew they would be the perfect DIY projects for the space.

We had been pretty restrained with the use of color in other parts of the house so we went bright and bold in this space. The concept for this room started with an inspiration image of a bright yellow crib from Caroline Armelle, and this wonderful bird pillow from Anthropologie (no longer available online)

Crib: Client's own painted Martha Stewart Egg Yolk
Rug : Surya Fallon (available through me)
Chair: Babinski's Baby
Pillow: Anthropologie, no longer available
Curtains: Custom through me
Lamp: Pottery Barn
End Table: Home Goods
Basket: World Market
Knobs: Anthropologie
Dresser: West Elm Niche Dresser
A art: Made by client, DIY here from curbly
Mobile: Made by client, DIY here and here
shoes: Foxpaws

Building and Architectural design by Steve Tiek of Tiek Built Homes
Photos by Miekel Reece
View the rest of this home here.


  1. Very sweet, love the unexpected pop of color in the yellow crib, and great carpet!!

  2. When I first saw the sneak peek of this nursery awhile back, it inspired me to re-paint my nursery. I had already purchased a yellow crib but I had painted the room a robins egg blue - I wansn't loving it at all. Then I saw this picture and proceeded to paint it grey. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. So sweet but also stylish! I love the burst of yellow the crib brings and how it looks paired with the soft aqua of the walls!

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  4. Thank you for being my personal instructor on this issue. My partner and i enjoyed your own article very much and most of all enjoyed reading the way you handled the issues I thought to be controversial.

  5. just love your work!
    it is so fresh and so stylish.

  6. Love the gorgeous burst of colour with the egg yolk yellow crib - such a bright, happy space. A beautiful room for a little one.

  7. Love your work! How does the rug feel? Is it soft or rough? I'm looking for something similar for my girls' room but it needs to be soft so they can play on it.

  8. What exactly is the soft aqua color? I love it! Peaceful room! -Erika

  9. Where is that crib from? Love the design of it!?

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