Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Master Bedroom Breakdown

All the comments about my house and especially my sofa were so sweet.

As promised, here are the details about the master bedroom:

Wall Color is Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue
Headboard is custom but a similar one can be purchased here, budget version here.

Nightstands are a steal from WALMART of all places (They are really sturdy and surprisingly good quality for the price. I needed something with very specific dimensions and I knew I didn't want to spend a lot so this was the perfect solution for me)
Blanket and duvet from Target, channel stitch quilt HomeGoods, shams are Nautica
Mirror is from HomeGoods for only $19.99

Lamps are vintage. They were a steal at $30 a piece from one of my favorite consignment stores
Bench was a craigslist steal, I haven't decided if it is going to stay here yet.
Rug is from WS Home a few years back but you can buy an identical one here

I'm still waiting on the pillow fabrics so we'll save that info for another post.

I wasn't necessarily trying to do this room on such a budget but it just sort
of worked out that way, which I'm sure my husband was really happy with!

The screen really works for our room because it helps make the bed a focal point. We have another window in the room so although we lost some light by covering the window with the folding screen,
we still have natural light coming into the room, otherwise I would have never considered it.

As far as sources for folding screens, I'll pass along some ideas in a future post.

I'll be sure to share the finished room when I finally get the pillow fabrics.

If there are any more questions about the room, shoot me an e-mail.


  1. Beautiful bedroom! I like that you were able to do it on a budget and still how the ‘WOW’ factor.


  2. You have a beautiful bedroom. I love the nightstand. I though you at least changed the hardware so I was surprised to see that is the way it was sold. Looks great! We have a window behind our bed too so we covered it up with a wall of curtains. Looks so much better.

  3. Beautiful bedroom! It is so comfortable and serene. I love the silver screen behind your bed.

  4. I just love that rug! It works perfectly in the space and I like the stool at the end of your bed!

  5. Beautiful room. Love love love the mirror! Can't wait to see the rest of your space.


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