Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brand New Fireplace thanks to MGS

If you follow my blog then you know we've been working on our house little by little.
One of the things that has drove me nuts since we moved in was my fireplace surround.
I love the classic detailing on my mantle, but the cheap terracotta tile just had to go.
The picture above was taken right after we purchased the house before painting. I think the 80's floral couch just makes this look, right? And the faux painting was done to match.

SO I debated about what to replace it with. I went back and forth but I finally decided to stick with Carrara Marble which I have in my kitchen and all my bathrooms.
I get e-mails all the time about who I use as a stone supplier so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share one of my favorite sources with you, MGS by design.
I am so excited to welcome MGS as a new sponsor on my blog.

MGS is who I use exclusively as a stone supplier.
If you live along the Wasatch Front I highly recommend them.
They have an amazing selection of natural and cultured stones, they hone everything in their shop, and they can template with existing counters on if you are just doing some updating.
They even have an awesome blog all about their projects and different types of stone called the Granite Gurus .
Their blog is a great source of information about various types of stone, and trends in stone work.

MGS also did all of the stone work in the Spring Lane house I worked on last year, and if
you're interested in seeing some of their recent projects you can view their gallery here.
Make sure to think of MGS By Design if you are considering replacing
some of your counter tops, doing some outdoor stone work, or updating your fireplace.
I love working with them and their prices are the best I've found.
If you're interested in getting a free estimate on a project, you can contact stephanie@mgsbydesign. Tell her I sent you and I promise she'll take good care of you!

I love that they've taken my yucky terracotta tile, and turned it in to this:


  1. I love the change! Great job! It looks like we have a very similar wall color in our family rooms! I love how gray/blue pops against white. :)

  2. Thanks Caitlin! Your fireplace turned out beautifully.
    You were a pleasure to work with (as always).
    Enjoy your new fireplace. :)

  3. Looks amazing, and thanks for the source. I recently retiled my fireplace with marble herringbone & subway tile. I really wanted a solid marble look though but didn't know where to go. Now I know for the future, thanks!

  4. I love your rug (at least the little sneak peek in front of the fireplace)! Could you share the source?

  5. I'm not sure if it's rude to ask ... but is that an expensive project (I know, "expensive" is relative). We have faux green looking marble around our fireplace. It's on "THE LIST" but I wasn't sure how to proceed (thanks for the marble idea) and whether it's a $500 or $5000 (hope not) project. I love your blog and get so many ideas and much inspiration from it. Thanks for sharing! - Allison

  6. That looks fabulous. I love how the little chairs work with the greys and taupes of the marble and rug.

  7. This looks great! And I love the sweet little chairs in front.

  8. Such an amazing improvement. May I ask where you got your amazing rug? It is exactly the pattern, color and texture that I am looking for in my living room. Thank you for your consideration.

  9. I ditto Kristina... where is your rug from?? West Elm maybe? I love it!

  10. amazing! what a transformation!

  11. fill us in on the floors! How did you decide to go so dark, as opposed to keeping that natural swedish finish we are all afraid to mess with? You are so SMART!

  12. I love these little sneek peeks we get into your home! I can only hope we get a home tour soon! The marble is fabulous. You certainly had vision for this house!

  13. I found your blog through Granite Gurus and I'm so happy they pointed me here. What a great project! I love the colorful piece of art on your mantle. Can you share who the artist is?

  14. yes!!! i second that on the house tours- the boy's rooms and everything! your readers would LOVE it!!

  15. Hi!
    I am really delighted with blog. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting, sweet, amazing [probably your own qualities right?] and it has completely got me hooked, so I'm your new follower now... i think we're going to get along just fine! ;)
    I'd like to invite you to visit my humble "house" as well. I’d be very pleased.

    I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often.


  16. beautiful project, it looks amazing!! Congratulations!

    Greetings from Madrid,

    Atelier Decor

  17. So pretty!! I hated our brick fireplace so I painted it white. I love the chairs in front of the fireplace also, I guess soon I'll put a fern in there? My baby is too tempted by the screen and fireplace tools!

  18. love the transformation!!! now i'm itchin to see more of your beautiful home!

  19. Fantastic! Love the fireplace screen too - so clean and simple.

  20. Can you tell me where you got the fireplace screen from? Looking for something exactly like that. Simple and clean lines.

  21. Classic fireplace! My house in Seattle was built in 1939 with the exact same mantle. Originally there was brick inside of the wood mantle. I added marble
    tiles over the brick to glam it up a bit.

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  23. A follow up post with details and sources is coming soon


  25. I love how a fireplace can make any room much more beauty. Even when it's not on.

  26. The micro details on your mantle is adorable, I agree with Mike. - Herman Swan

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