Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here comes the sun

You may have noticed that sunburst mirrors seem to be popping up in every nook and cranny of the design world these days. I happen to love this trend and I always seem to a get a little butterfly in my stomach when I spot one in a beautiful room. 

The problem is, that these gorgeous mirrors usually seem to come with a matching price tag, which doesn't always work for the budget minded. 

Lucky for all of us, I had a little moment in the antique store a few weeks ago when I spotted this vintage syrocco clock. Suddenly I had an idea, what if I took this piece swapped out the clock piece with a precut mirror and voila, instant chicness. 

I was giddy just thinking about it. 

I took the piece home and began to deconstruct it. Once the clock face was off I sponged the whole face of the clock with liquid silver leaf since the gold tones wouldn't really work in my bedroom. I bought a precut mirror at my local craft store and with a couple of drops of glue, we were good to go. 

This was the stage at which I noticed my adorable toddler decided to break off one of the rays but we won't get in to that. I still love the result and the broken ray has since been mended. 

All in all this project cost me about $32.00. 

$24.00 for the clock
$3.50 for the silver leaf paint
$2.99 for the precut mirror

Not bad for a days work. 

If you're interested in trying to recreate this there are a handful of great clock options on ebay. Mine was vintage Syroco. 


  1. That's brilliant! I love this kind of classic symmetry in a bedroom. It seems to feel very elegant, put together, and still relaxing.

  2. where are those pillows from? (the blue and white ones) they are great!

  3. I've had syroco on auto-ebay-search for a long while now. These clocks had always caught my eye for their great shape. What a fantastic way to use them, and what a great price tag!

  4. Great idea! So pretty. Now I must know where did you get the pillow in the middle from! I love it!

  5. oh my gosh! I love this!! Is this a DYI headboard??

  6. I love those moments when a light shines down from heaven in thrift and antique stores.

    Great job! I spy Home Goods.

  7. LOVE this idea! So glad I found your blog via La Dolce Vita--I'll be reading you from now on!


  8. Some of the star burst mirrors I do really love others, no. I think they are a little overdone right now. Sort of like putting up a mirror instead of searching for great art!

  9. Beautiful. I just saw this via A Perfect Gray. Great job!